Do It Yourself Consolidation

TracFCM is a Self-service consolidation software with an approach to faster and accurate close cycle without dependency on the IT/ vendor support. This self-service consolidation allows the finance managers to deliver EFFORTLESS complete financial results, closing the books with all financial and management reports by days or weeks. The finance managers independently own and operate the entire TracFCM solution.

Self-service consolidation is defined here as end user who can design, deliver and manage the entire consolidation and close cycle.


This package includes accelerated on-site consulting, training and mentoring activities targeted at Finance, process oriented users and leaders driving the consolidation initiatives. This method will Increase speed of deployment with TracFCM consolidation through simplified deployment, reduced administration, and improved training. Due to the same it will lead to lower total cost of deployment and rapid delivery. This helps reduce implementation risk and helps users achieve the maximum benefit from the software functionality provided.

a. The Services strives to achieve the following objectives:

  • i. Product features and functionality know how transfer Vis on TracFCM architecture, transactional modules, reporting module, and solution deployment considerations Hands-on training on TracFCM.
  • ii. A dry run will be performed by importing the previous quarter published data in TracFCM and compliance reports for consolidated and standalone entities are generated and crossed checked with the published financial data. This dry run makes the finance team confident to drive the consolidation process using TracFCM for the forthcoming on their own. At this point, the customer is ready to 'Go live' for the forthcoming quarter/ monthly reporting.

Outsource Consolidation

Over the last few decades many organizations are opting for outsourcing some aspects of their operations related to IT or Finance or back office and many more. Outsourcing doesn’t have to mean a reduction in customer service. In fact, outsourcing often frees up businesses to focus on what matters most to achieve their next level organization growth. This package of managed services includes the entire consolidation activity been outsourced to Tri Trac Technologies. Tri Trac will be responsible to perform the financial consolidations.

b. The Services strives to achieve the following objectives:

  • i. Save resource time: Outsourcing lets your core Finance team focus where you need most on other business operations important for the overall growth of the organization
  • ii. Fast and Scalable Services: Our speedy services help organization to stay ahead of the tight regulatory deadlines.
  • iii. Trained, Experienced, Qualified, Certified: You get trained, experienced and qualified resources. The Tri Trac resources are technical and Finance consultants and experienced on TracFCM product to result in rapid and accurate close cycle.


  • Consolidate Financial Statement
  • MIS
  • Dry run
  • End User Training

Stage III: Deliver

  • Deliver Revised Schedule VI Consolidated and individual level
  • Carrying out dry run of the consolidation
  • Deliver MIS for management
  • End User Training


  • Provide post GO Live support if required for first year at no extra cost.
  • Provide support for new structure or activities.

Stage IV: Support

  • First year Post Go Live support if required is at no extra cost.
  • Provide support for new structure or activities.
  • Revised Schedule VI format