Key Business Benefits

Faster consolidations, Faster Close

TracFCM reduces the consolidation, close, and reporting cycles by days or weeks. Without any IT support It empowers financial executives perform financial consolidations deliver EFFORTLESS complete financial results, closing the books and submit the complete financial results to internal and external stakeholders. By minimizing the need to enter, check, and double-check actual results, the finance team can spend more time on forward-looking activities.

Self Service Consolidation and close

TracFCM is a self-service consolidation software with an approach to faster and accurate close cycle without dependency on the IT/vendor support. With this self-service close solution, the finance managers independently own and operate the self-service TracFCM solution by days or weeks.

Reduce the Cost of Compliance

TracFCM delivers single version of the truth thereby improving companies internal external transparency. Resource hungry and costly manual close process with automated and preventative controls that ultimately reduce processing and auditing costs.

Save time and effort with simple setup and maintenance

Save time and effort with simple setup and maintenance