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Notes to Accounts has always been biggest challenge for finance executives in automated consolidation software solution as notes are built as static predefined notes template where any addition/ deletion/ modifications are not possible and if changes are allowed then the alignment goes haywire. If export to Excel facility is available, then the users export the report to excel and write their required notes for submission.

TracFCM has a unique feature that allows the users to add textual notes while the figures get automatically fetched from previous financial year or current financial year reports. The beautiful part of the Notes is that the Users can manually enter the text or copy from any document and paste it in the Notes section or the users can also import the entire word document in the notes section. The texts get aligned with figures which are automatically picked up from the reports. This report if required can be exported to Excel for further formatting and can also be emailed directly. TracFCM is a Complete Consolidation Suite where